Mobilgrease HTS

Grasa de alto performance con superior resistencia a la corrosión.

Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS and HTF are high performance Extreme Pressure greases with exceptional resistance to the water contamination conditions typical of steel mill, surface mining, and off-highway conditions. Additionally, Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS, and HTF are formulated with superior corrosion resistance. Mobilgrease HTM and HTR provide good water and corrosion resistance along with formulations more capable of providing good dispensing characteristics in central systems. The combination of the lithium complex soap with an advanced additive system provide high temperature performance properties. Mobilgrease HTF provides fire retardancy for castor and hot strip mill operations. Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS and HTF greases are primarily recommended for the lubrication of bearings, gears, and cams where the elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) requirements dictate significant viscometric contribution. The greases shed mill water, continue to lubricate and aid in forming a strong seal to resist water intrusion. When free water enters a bearing, the greases maintain consistency. Their EP properties and high oil viscosity help reduce wear, making them especially applicable for heavy shock loads. With less wear, maintenance costs for replacing failed bearings will be lower. They can also be used in central grease dispensing systems consistent with apparent viscosity calculations.

Tipos de viscosidades

Propiedades y beneficios potenciales

Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS and HTF greases are leading members of the Mobilgrease brand of products, which has gained a worldwide reputation for innovation and performance excellence. Mobilgrease HTR, HTM, HTS and HTF grease products are designed by ExxonMobil formulation technologists and backed by our worldwide technical support staff. Mobilgrease HT products were designed specifically to meet the requirements of customers for heavy-duty products with excellent: resistance to water, high temperature and with cohesive and adhesive properties. These greases offer the following features and potential benefits:


  • High EHL viscometrics and selected additives for excellent resistance to wear for heavily loaded components.
  • Excellent ability to seal bearings against water intrusion, and to maintain consistency in the presence of water.
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent grease cohesion, adhesion and tackiness at high temperatures and in presence of water spray .
  • Good pumpability at low to moderate temperatures.

Ventajas y beneficios potenciales

  • Less unexpected downtime and reduced equipment replacement costs
  • Fewer bearing failures caused by water contamination with reduced maintenance and replacement costs-
  • Very good bearing protection for reduced maintenance and operating costs.
  • Better stay-put properties in tough environments and extended re-lubrication potential.
  • Can be used in centralised grease distribution systems.

Características típicas

Mobilgrease HTS

  • NLGI Grade

  • Thickener Type

  • Color, Visual

  • Penetration, Worked, 25º C, ASTM D 217, mm/10

  • Dropping Point, ºC, ASTM D 2265

  • Viscosity of Oil, ASTM D 445 CSt @ 40º C

  • cSt @ 100º C

  • Penetration Consistency Change, Roll Stability, ASTM D 1831, mm/10

  • Water Spray-Off, ASTM D 4049,% wt loss

  • Water Washout, ASTM D 1264, % Wt Loss

  • 4-Ball Weld Point, ASTM D 2596, kg

  • 4-Ball Wear, ASTM D 2266, mm scar