Curve Grease 213

Railroad Rail Curve Grease

Curve Grease 213, a lithium hydroxystearate grease, is designed to lubricate rail track curves, reducing friction and wheel wear. Curve Grease 213 contains 3% molybdenum disulfide, a solid additive effective in reducing friction under boundary layer (metal-to-metal contact) conditions. Reducing friction decreases wear and extends wheel life. Curve Grease 213 is also polymer enhanced, improving the ability to stay on the rail curve and resist water once applied.

Tipos de viscosidades

Propiedades y beneficios potenciales


  • Contains molybdenum disulfide.
  • Polymer enhanced.

Ventajas y beneficios potenciales

  • Contains 3 % molybdenum disulfide, reduces friction and wheel wear.
  • Improves water resistance and ability to cling to rail curves.

Características típicas

Mobil Curve grease 213

  • NLGI

  • Color

  • Viscosity of Oil, cSt @ 40 C, ASTM D 445

  • Penetration, Worked, 25 C, ASTM D 217

  • Dropping Point, C, ASTM D 2265